In the current era of climate change, the effects on food production and security are felt globally. Especially for vulnerable products like cocoa and coffee, which are essential for the food industry and consumers worldwide, these effects are profound. This white paper highlights the importance of sustainable packaging as a crucial strategy for preserving the quality and freshness of these products. Oxy-Low, with its innovative packaging solutions, plays a key role in addressing these challenges.

The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Climate change directly impacts the production and availability of essential food products such as cocoa and coffee. Extreme weather conditions, such as droughts and floods, threaten the harvest and quality of these crops, making them scarcer and more expensive. In this context, sustainable packaging becomes an indispensable tool. It not only protects the quality and freshness of food products during transportation and storage but also minimizes the ecological footprint, contributing to overall sustainability goals.

Oxy-Low’s Contribution

Oxy-Low distinguishes itself by offering innovative, chemical-free packaging solutions that extend the shelf life of food products like cocoa and coffee. By utilizing our technologies, food producers can protect their products from spoilage and quality loss, even under the most challenging conditions caused by climate change. This not only ensures supply security but also supports the economic viability of production chains.

Optimization of the Supply Chain

Besides providing packaging solutions, Oxy-Low supports production leaders in optimizing their supply chain. This includes minimizing waste, more efficient use of raw materials, and adjusting inventory and production planning to anticipate more extreme weather conditions. Through this approach, we contribute to a more sustainable and cost-effective production.


The urgency to adaptively and sustainably respond to the challenges that climate change brings to food production has never been greater. Oxy-Low stands at the forefront of this battle, with a clear focus on delivering packaging solutions that not only maintain the quality and freshness of essential food products but also contribute to a more sustainable future. Together with our partners and customers, we are committed to securing the food supply for future generations while minimizing the impact on our planet.