Oxy-Low is on the Gulfood in Dubai: February 19 to 23, 2024

Month: February 2024

Oxy-Low, a pioneering company at the forefront of innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry, proudly showcases its cutting-edge technologies at the Gulfood Trade Fair in Dubai 2024. With a strong commitment to sustainability and efficiency, Oxy Low presents a range of products designed to revolutionize the way food is stored, transported, and preserved. Their presence at the fair provided a unique opportunity for industry professionals and attendees to witness firsthand the transformative impact of Oxy-Low’s offerings on food preservation, ensuring freshness and reducing waste. The Gulfood Trade Fair serves as a fitting platform for Oxy-Low to engage with like-minded stakeholders, explore collaborations, and contribute to the ongoing conversation about the future of sustainable practices within the global food and beverage sector.

Location: Dubai World Trade Centre
Date: 19 till 23 February
Hope to see you there!